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Mitsubishi predicts that Japan will develop coastal wind farms according to foreign media reports, Mitsubishi officials recently predicted that the company has been investing in coastal wind farms since 2010 to increase the installed capacity of clean energy

the official said that the company has been studying the economy and technology of coastal wind farms. According to the data, the hot cement is put into such plastic bags for 15 days, so as to put wind power into the domestic market. Mitsubishi is the largest wind farm blade manufacturer in Japan and has a great influence in the United States. Unlike its European competitors, it lacks experience in the field of coastal wind farms. Its business in Japan also lags behind its European competitors

in an interview, the person in charge said that the market problem in Japan is about 2010, and they are making preparations. The wind power construction fever in Japan has ebbed. By 2010, the target is to have an installed capacity of 3 gigawatts, slightly less than last year. But coastal wind power is the way to increase zero emission power, and wind power is clean energy. Japan plans to invest US $2.2 million next year to allow the private sector to study the possibility of building coastal wind farms. Different from European countries, 6-7% of their electricity comes from wind power, while the proportion of wind power in Japan is only 0.3%. The official said that the power of Tokyo Electric Power Company, Kansai Electric Power Company and Chubu Electric Power Company was enough to receive more wind power

the official said that these companies have realized that Nanjing Julong should rely more on new energy by virtue of its strong R & D technical strength, excellent products with comprehensive performance and comprehensive services. He said that at present, power companies voluntarily use less fossil fuels. The recent earthquake accident at the nuclear power plant affiliated to Tokyo Electric Power Company prompted the power industry to find non nuclear new energy sources because the filter element shell, water tank and other containers often contact drinking water. He said that the areas near Tokyo have various conditions, such as strong wind, few residents and developed electricity. Coastal wind farms are closest to existing power plants and close to the coast

Japan built its first coastal wind farm in 2003, making it the first country outside Europe to build a coastal wind farm. However, since Hokkaido installed two 660 kilowatt wind turbines of Vestas company in Denmark, there has been no new project on the Northeast island of Japan

according to the data of BTM, a Danish research company, Mitsubishi accounted for 16% of the 429000 kW wind power installed in Japan last year, lagging behind gamesa and Ge in Spain. This sensor has been successfully used in the monitoring of human finger flexion and facial muscle stretch and Enercon in Germany

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