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Moyulang: a "Yuchai girl baby" who will be grateful with technology

moyulang: a "Yuchai girl baby" who will be grateful with technology

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Guide: moyulang, a leading blue collar woman in Guangxi's foundry industry, graduated from Guangxi machinery high level technology and local conditions Engineering School in 1995 and worked in Yuchai foundry in the same year. In 2005, she was successfully admitted as a foundry technician. She stood in front of the red molten iron and looked at it with her naked eyes

moyulang, the leader of blue collar women in Guangxi foundry industry, graduated from Guangxi machinery senior technical school in 1995 and joined Yuchai foundry in the same year. In 2005, she was successfully admitted as a foundry technician. With the unique skill of "one look", she can accurately detect the chemical composition of the red molten iron by observing it with the naked eye for a few seconds. In 2012 and training 0, she stood out in the first "Yuchai Cup" foundry skills competition in Guangxi and won the first prize of the highest specification foundry skills competition in Guangxi. In march2011, moyulang was rated as the senior female technician of Yuchai foundry. She taught not only a kind of technology, but also a kind of realm. She taught technology, inherited and thanked

moyulang, senior technician of Yuchai foundry

talents are the treasure of the enterprise. In Guangxi Yuchai group company, workers and technicians are known as "Yuchai's baby", while moyulang, a young, beautiful and intelligent woman for many years, as the only female technician of Yuchai foundry, she has long been used to the title of "Yuchai's baby". This "female baby" is not simple. Her unique skill of "seeing it right" is really amazing - standing in front of the red molten iron and observing it with the naked eye for a few seconds, she can accurately detect its chemical composition

moyulang won more honors than she can remember. However, she said that she was just an ordinary female employee. She had worked in Yuchai foundry in 1995, and now she has grown into a senior technician. She thinks it is no accident, because she has several success factors

factor 1 - take root in fertile soil

tall trees cannot grow in barren land. For Mo Yulang, Yuchai is the fertile land where she grew up, and the Yuchai technician team gave her full sunshine and rain

on March 31, at the technician work commendation meeting of Yuchai group, Moyulang delivered his acceptance speech: "As a senior female technician, I deeply feel the warmth Yuchai brings to the technician team. With the strong support and warm care of chairman Yan Ping and leaders at all levels of the company, our technicians have a common home - Yuchai technician Association. The originally scattered technicians are now gathered together to form a united force. The company continues to provide platforms and conditions for the growth of this force. Yuchai has created a good environment for technicians The atmosphere of learning and progress has provided a fertile land for the growth of technicians and a life stage for technicians to show their self-worth. "

factor 2 - hard work

in 1995, Mo Yulang came to Yuchai and worked in a foundry. He has successively worked as a core maker, data manager, molding worker, molding sand tester, etc. In every post, she is studious and assiduous. During the day, she recorded each string of analysis data, process characteristics, difficulties and advantages; At night, despite the toil of the day, she repeatedly analyzed and compared under the light, often busy until the dead of night. Her working experience in many posts has rapidly improved her skill level. She has gradually mastered the casting skills such as core making process, drawing process, molding process, sand treatment process and melting process, which has laid a solid foundation for her to make rapid progress in technology and become a master in the future

2001, the factory arranged Mo Yulang to engage in the laboratory work before the furnace. This post is specialized in detecting the chemical composition of molten iron. It is required to quickly and accurately test the chemical composition from the molten iron samples sent from the melting process, and provide the test information to the production process in time, so as to effectively control the production process

factor 3 - perseverance

in heavy machinery projects, the stable and efficient output of vermicular iron project is the most reliable guarantee for the company's heavy machinery projects. However, it is difficult to produce vermicular cast iron in batch, so it is required that the laboratory post in front of the furnace should provide accurate chemical composition data in time

Mo Yulang has been engaged in the laboratory test before the furnace for ten years since he started working at a relatively low cost. She overcame difficulties, studied assiduously, and was brave in innovation. Now she has exquisite testing, testing and analysis abilities, and has the unique skill of "one look". In 2010, she reduced the standard sample error from 0.03 ± 0.002 to 0.03 ± 0.0005 when testing the sulfur accuracy of vermicular iron castings. This is a figure that is difficult to achieve with modern precision instruments, and it is amazing in the manufacturing industry in Guangxi and even the peers in the country

Mo Yulang's unique skill of "one look" makes the sulfur content in Vermicular Cast Iron molten iron more accurate, effectively helps the workshop to reduce the ashing rate of vermicular cast iron, and makes the comprehensive scrap rate of 6m cylinder head castings adopting vermicular cast iron technology reach the international level. It provides a strong technical guarantee for Yuchai's goal of producing and selling 600000 sets, guaranteeing 200000 sets of heavy machinery and improving the quality by 50% in the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan

factor 4 - gratitude and inheritance

every growing Yuchai people are very lucky, because the company creates an environment for every young Yuchai people to become talents, and specially arranges senior elders and senior technicians to give them technical training and guidance

moyulang said with deep gratitude: "I want to say thanks to the elders and teachers. It is you who, with the practical actions and excellent style of technicians, impart to us unreservedly the rich experience and knowledge accumulated for decades in the process of training and work, and guide us to constantly absorb experience and accumulate knowledge."

fortunately, not only Mo Yulang, but also the latecomers. So far, moyulang has brought out dozens of disciples, imparting his skills and skills to them selflessly, especially the techniques of "metallographic inspection, casting hardness, quality data processing" and so on

Mo Yulang taught not only a kind of technology, but also a kind of realm. He taught technology, inherited and thanked

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