Mizumai Matsui cooperates with SA technology cente

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Matsui cooperates with SA technology center to research and develop plastic processing system. Matsui US company announced to cooperate with the newly established SA Engineering Technology Cooperation Center, whose main task is to provide the latest plastic processing technology and develop production technology for the local automotive industry

according to Matsui, its fourth factor technology department has always led the development of global hot/cold forming technology. The surface of injection molded parts created by this unique processing method has the characteristics that traditional processing methods cannot achieve. The company's fourth factor approach is based on sustainable manufacturing and resource conservation. The idea of increasing output and increasing added value

Nobu Yamanaka, technical director of Matsui us, said: "we believe that the use of our rapid heating/cooling (rhrc) mold equipment can make the design of automotive interior and exterior parts have very high requirements for product quality and create a unique surface effect (color, class a surface and other surface innovative decoration) 。 We are very happy to enter the new technology center. The cooperation of automobile suppliers, hierarchical supply chains and some leading technology developers will work together to improve the innovation of automobile plastic parts production. In the new technology center, the benefits of rhrc molding will be demonstrated. This technology can be used not only in the automotive industry, but also in the field of consumer electronics. "

Matsui will install two different types of rhrc systems in the technical center. One system is based on water as the heating medium. The existing mold and cooling pipe can be used as hot water circulating pipe, which makes the mold test simple. However, it is related to people's daily life.

another system is Matsui's new IHTC series system, which is a mold based on induction looping. Therefore, we must not think that the heating medium can also be used in this system without any modification

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