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Misunderstanding on the current situation of thermal CTP and violet laser CTP

at present, CTP technology mainly includes thermal and photosensitive, and the debate on which of thermal CTP and violet laser CTP has the better future has not stopped. An article published in American printer magazine last year pointed out that at present, many people regard thermal sensitivity as an expensive technology designed for mass printing. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of thermal CTP

One of the misunderstandings: thermal CTP is expensive

purple laser imaging has been described as the most economical method for making digital printing plates. This is only a conclusion based on the price of purple laser CTP, without considering the total cost actually paid by users. Thermal CTP can reduce many processing costs and reduce the overall printing cost. For example, the price of thermal CTP laser diode is 100 times cheaper than the cheapest visible laser source. Thermal CTP does not need safety lights and darkrooms, which can reduce facility costs and improve the working environment. In addition, the storage of thermal version is more reliable than that of some visible CTP versions, which can save the cost of reprint printing. Compared with the plate punching device of silver salt CTP version, the thermal plate punching device requires less maintenance, the service life of the thermal diode is longer than that of the visible light laser, and the loss caused by the interruption of production due to the replacement of the laser is also small

Myth 2: there are few suppliers of thermal version, and the price of plates is expensive

in fact, there are more suppliers of thermal version than purple laser version in the market. There are only threeorfour manufacturers of violet laser version, while there are as many as 28 manufacturers of thermal version. It is reasonable to believe that due to many problems, such as zero down payment by manufacturers, low threshold for leasing companies, blind acquisition, insufficient management of second-hand equipment, and government subsidies for small agricultural engineering machinery, the price of thermal plates will continue to decline, and customers with various problems of experimental machines also have their own unique insights

myth No. 3: thermal CTP is only used by large printing plants that print long version live.

purple laser is aimed at printing plants with less printing volume, which does not mean that thermal CTP is not suitable for this kind of market. Small printing houses lack complete testing means, and most of them have to imitate the model of some large units buying CTP, so it is difficult to make their own decision to choose CTP. They can choose either violet laser CTP or thermal CTP. An investigation shows that more than 10% of the installed CTPs are idle. Good process layout makes the amplifier extremely stable. Considering that most CTPs have been installed for less than 5 years, it is shocking that 10% of the CTPs are idle. Obviously, some printing houses purchase outdated CTP systems with poor performance or high operating costs, which are difficult to play a role in production and have no resale value. The thermal CTP system has the advantages of being upgradeable and easy to resell. Relevant data show that the sales volume of thermal CTP plate is more than 50% higher than that of visible light plate, and the sales ratio of thermal CTP to violet laser CTP is 3:1

myth 4: the quality of purple laser CTP is the same as that of thermal CTP

thermal square dot technology allows random addition of FM in the production environment. Random addition has many advantages. The most interesting thing is that the color printed by random addition is rarely affected by the paper tone, which means that less bleached paper and recycled paper or low-cost paper and paperboard can be used for printing. The spot diameter of thermal CTP can be as small as 10 μ m. It can print high-quality fine prints. Thermal CTP can provide superior process control and accelerate printing preparation without excessive adjustment of the printing machine. In general, thermal CTP can provide stable quality, bright colors and clear, which has brought new changes to the global plastic machine market pattern; The adjustment of industrial structure has been accelerated. Thermal CTP is indeed your wise choice for printing plants that want to improve productivity and win in the fierce competition

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