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When the flowers are blooming, mm modern manufacturing interviews Li Qiang, general manager of Nanjing Huakong. In March, the earth warms up and flowers fly everywhere in China. The major automation manufacturers have unveiled the curtain of the annual market activities, such as roadshows, seminars and product promotion activities. It can be said that the software measurement and control systems and computers have been turned off in a disorderly way and become attractive. Known as an embedded system expert in the industry, Yanyang technology has successfully held product application tour seminars in Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing and Nanjing. Now, it is about to put an end to this event in Xi'an. Shaanxi is a famous military industrial province in China. Does Yanyang's move mean anything else? By chance, I had a discussion with Mr. Li Qiang, general manager of Nanjing Huakong Technology Co., Ltd., the gold medal agent of Yanyang

with the rapid development of science and technology in the world and the new military reform in full swing, military and civilian technologies are increasingly integrated, and the dual-use and mutual transfer of high and new technologies are becoming more and more obvious. As the use of civilian technologies and products can greatly reduce the development risk and development cost of high-tech weapons, policies such as technologytransition and commercial off the shelf (COTS) are gradually becoming the consensus of all countries. China's military industry, which has always seemed to be shrouded in a mysterious veil, has also slowly uncovered the thin silk scarf to the outside world. It is reported that the former General Armament Department has successively promulgated and implemented the equipment regulations, equipment procurement regulations and weapons and equipment management regulations, and the policy environment for military civilian integration is becoming clearer. All these have already attracted the keen sense of smell of well-known manufacturers in the industry

as the gold medal agent of Yanyang technology, Huakong Nanjing Technology Co., Ltd. and Yanyang technology have made good achievements in military industry, transportation, medical treatment, automation and other fields by taking advantage of the manufacturer's reliable product quality, stable supply cycle, harsh acceptance conditions, the agent's familiarity with the market and thoughtful and meticulous after-sales service. Mr. Li Qiang believes that this is not only because of the high quality and excellent performance of the products, but also because he pays attention to the industry pertinence of the products. These two points are even more important for the military industry, which is almost demanding. In his opinion, China's military manufacturing technology is changing towards informatization and digitalization. At present, it is changing from the traditional "mechanical military industry" to the "digital military industry" characterized by integration, informatization and networking. The demand for high-tech automation products will be stronger and stronger

looking back on the more than ten years since Yanyang entered the military industry, Mr. Li believes that the particularity of product development and the desire for the latest technology in the military industry make every product supplied to the military industry destined to be a leader in the industry. The high-quality route and customization are the killer mace to deal with the application of military industry. For example, aec-6810, one of the latest industrial computer boxer series launched by Yanyang, has a shock resistance of 5g/5~500hz, which has changed the high molecular new material industry (w/cfd), a shock resistance of 100g (w/cfd), a temperature of -15 ℃ ~60 ℃ (w/cfd), a dominant frequency of up to 1GHz, and has a number of patented designs such as CFcard shock proof fixed hook, aluminum extruded fin fan free industrial system, etc

however, in view of the actual situation of the military industry, he also pointed out that in the process of gradually deepening the industry, although new products are constantly launched, there are still many old products that should be transformed and upgraded on the existing basis. For example, Yanyang's old product gene-4312, at the request of customers, has ODM a wide temperature product, the temperature can reach -40~+75 degrees Celsius, to meet the needs of wide temperature in the military industry

at the end of the interview, the news came that irez had consolidated its existing market position and passed the national military standard quality system certification, which means that irez has been qualified to supply goods to military customers since then. Suddenly, thinking of the fact that Linghua technology PXI solution has been well-known in the field of military industry and electronic manufacturing, we can not help but deeply appreciate the painstaking efforts and patience of automation pioneers in the industry. Perhaps in the near future, we will all be glad to see the flowers of automation blooming all over China's military industry

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