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In the decoration, the painting of wood paint will also involve two aspects: primer and topcoat. Some customers do not know whether they will directly use only primer or topcoat when decorating. In fact, the efficacy of primer and topcoat are different

when buying wall paint for decoration at home, we will find in the building materials store that many of the current wall paint can be divided into primer and finish. The primer is used in the layer contacting the wall, and the finish is the surface layer. You may know this simple distinction, but the price difference between primer and finish is not small. What is the difference between the two in terms of function

what is primer

primer is usually off white liquid with a certain viscosity, which can be directly applied to the surface of the object. It is the first layer of the paint system, which is used to improve the adhesion of the top coat, increase the fullness of the top coat, improve the decoration of the top coat, provide alkali resistance, provide anti-corrosion functions, etc., and ensure the uniform absorption of the top coat, so that the paint system can play the best effect, Generally, it can be divided into the first primer and the second primer according to the coating requirements

the role of primer

1. Sealing

primer can effectively seal the base course and make the wall base more firm. Some walls are highly alkaline, and alkali flowers are produced after soaking in moisture, water, etc., scientific name “ Pantothene ”, This situation causes crater like protrusions on the surface of the paint film. In serious cases, a layer of alkali frost is formed on the surface of the paint film, which eventually destroys the paint film. Latex primer can play a sealing role to alleviate this situation. However, if the wall of your house is relatively dry and the floor is high, there may be no problem if it is not used, but it is recommended that you use it, which is safer

2. Adhesion

primer can enhance the adhesion of finish paint, improve the adhesion between latex film and wall surface, and avoid wall peeling off

3. Fill in

primer can make up for subtle cracks and improve the flatness of the wall. If your wall is relatively flat, you can not use primer, of course, the effect will be better

4. Cost saving

the price of primer is general, which is cheaper than the top coat, so brushing primer before brushing the top coat can save decoration costs

differences between wood primer and topcoat

1, composition

from the composition of paint, wood primer is mainly composed of film-forming substances, fillers, solvents, additives, etc; The top coat of wood paint is mainly composed of film-forming substances, solvents, additives, etc. The composition of the two is different

2. Action effect

from the perspective of action effect, the main role of primer is to fill pores, improve the thickness of coating film, so that the object can achieve a certain decorative effect, so as to reduce the amount of finish paint, which generally has a certain degree of filling, grinding, covering power, etc; The topcoat is mainly used for decoration and protection, and has certain effects of light retention, color retention, hardness, adhesion, leveling, etc. From this point of view, the functions of the two are different

3. Price

in terms of price, the price of primer is lower than that of finish paint. Generally speaking, under the same conditions, the price of primer is about two-thirds of that of finish paint. Using primer in decoration can reduce the use of finish paint, thus saving decoration costs

use of primer and topcoat

both primer and topcoat belong to latex paint, and they usually need to be used together. When painting the wall, it is generally necessary to brush the primer after the putty is completely dry. Usually, the primer needs to be brushed twice. Because the wall has a relatively large paint surface, it is necessary to add some water moderately when mixing the primer, so as to ensure that the primer is painted evenly; When painting the top coat, it usually needs to be painted on the wall three times, and it can't add too much water as the primer, because too much water will affect the feel, thickness and hardness of the paint film. Therefore, when painting the top coat, only add a little water at the last time

summary: the above is the difference between primer and finish of wood paint introduced by Xiaobian. I hope it can effectively help you. Please pay attention to more information




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