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As a designer, my personal motto is: cherish the past, do a good job in the present, and create the future. This concept also effectively helps Shanhua carpet better open the foreign market

Roderick: Design Director of the first product development department of Shanhua carpet Group Co., Ltd., joined in 2009

personal work experience:

his father James T. short is a famous carpet design expert in the world, and has been committed to the design and research of Axminster carpet. As a carpet designer from a carpet design family, he began to engage in carpet design in Scotland 30 years ago under the guidance of his father. Under his father's guidance, he learned a lot of carpet design know-how

post experience sharing:

while being known by my father, I also received training from orthodox carpet designers in the European and American carpet market. Benefiting from this, he came to the United States from Britain 10 years ago and began the design of Axminster carpets for hotels, casinos and other commercial businesses. He has successively served as a senior designer and design director in many top carpet companies in the United States

with the popularity of computers, carpet design has also changed due to the application of computers. In his design career, he applied CAD and nedgraphic software to the carpet industry earlier, and improved the design system to a great extent

with the surge in demand for household hard flooring materials in the United States, I began to shift the center of carpet design from hotels to retail. During this period, the woven Wilton block blanket and regional block blanket developed during this period created a huge market. After 15 years of leaps and bounds, my own company has also filled a gap - with the overall design concept of "from the floor up", I have developed designs and products for block carpets, decorative fabrics, pillows, furniture and supporting decorations, and achieved the greatest success in history

since joining Shanhua carpet in 2009, we have been trying to design more products that conform to western aesthetics and consumption habits to help the company better open foreign markets

as a designer, my personal motto is: cherish the "past", do a good job in the "present", and create the "future"

expectations for individuals and the company industry:

as a member of Shanhua design team, while developing carpet designs and products for the hotel industry and retail market in the United States and other markets in the world, we will also try our best to pass some western design concepts to Chinese colleagues to help them better integrate Western elements into Chinese products and truly make foreign things serve China




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