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The small apartment with an area of 30 square meters cannot avoid crowding. We can only simplify the small home again and again. The living room, dining room and kitchen can all live in peace. One space is the biggest comfort. Although the bedroom is small, it is very comfortable. Next, let's take a look at the decoration effect drawing of this 30 square meter modern simple small house. The snail house can also be very brilliant

The small space of 30 square meters is too limited. In order to have more complete functions, the living room, dining room and kitchen have to be "squeezed" in one space, so the problem we have to face is the treatment of lampblack in the kitchen. There are also regional divisions of restaurants and kitchens. Small partitions on the wall can also play a good storage role. Simple dining seats can often bring the most comfortable experience, and the dark appearance is also more conspicuous and eye-catching in a piece of white. The large pots of green plants placed on the windowsill bring good vitality to the restaurant, and the small shelves can also put a lot of decoration

the kitchen is designed in white as a whole, with bright red tiles in the middle. The personalized and fashionable space came into being. The red tiles are not only easy to take care of, but also particularly bright. The wood colored countertop is red above and white below, which are combined harmoniously. The most important thing in the small kitchen is the storage. The ceiling cabinet above and the floor cabinet below are all non negligible spaces. It's really not good. You can also use it on the wall, whether it's a shelf or a hanging basket

the space of the bedroom is limited. Putting a double bed almost covers the whole space. The embedded shelf is very practical at this time. The multi-layer design makes the storage function more powerful. Those who like reading books and playing with mobile phones before going to bed must put a small storage space beside the bed. The above picture is not only above the head of the bed, but also on the wall next to it. I believe this design can definitely meet many needs

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