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In terms of aesthetics, whitewashed walls will look much cleaner, while solid wood wall panels will drive the whole room pattern and improve the style

the world has been so wonderful since the installation of [American wood door] solid wood wall panels. At the beginning of the decoration, I originally wanted to be simple, and nothing about the walls was in the scope of the examination. Looking at the promotional pictures of solid wood dado, it was very good-looking, so I installed the study as a solid wood floor and dado with Chinese atmosphere. As soon as I go in, I feel different. I feel more artistic when reading books. Even children don't run around and jump around when reading books. They are more serious than class. It seems that the environment is still very important for people's edification, and then they simply keep consistent. The whole family has become this kind of literary style. When friends and girlfriends come, they praise to doubt life

in terms of aesthetics, whitewashed walls will look much cleaner, while solid wood wall panels will drive the whole room pattern and enhance the style

in terms of environmental protection, wooden doors come from nature and also bring the functions of nature. They can scatter light and reduce eye fatigue and damage. Reduce noise and improve sleep quality. Not to mention how effective this effect is, it has won the hearts of consumers only psychologically. It's not psychological tactics, but the fact of the environmental protection function of wood itself that tells consumers. Of course, the promotion of sleep quality is also considered from physical factors, because the dado produces diffuse reflection of sound, effectively buffers the impact of bass and bass, and the material itself has a good absorption of bad sharp waves of sound, so as to form a three-level noise reduction function in space and greatly improve the sleep quality of one third of life

the wood of the wall panel is a bad conductor. The room with the wall panel will be warm in winter and cool in summer, and because the wood itself can adjust the air humidity of the room

the parapet has high compressive strength and flexural strength, and is an upgraded product of latex paint. Wear resistance and wear resistance are far better than common coatings and wallpapers. It is more suitable if there are children at home. The TV background, sofa background, restaurant background, bedside background and other areas in the home can well protect the wall, and can hang or paste decorative paintings and warm photos

wood materials are natural and environment-friendly, and tasteless when installed. If the room is decorated as a whole, there is no painting process, which solves the problem that the decoration materials and the paint smell cannot evaporate for a long time

natural wood structure regulates the moisture in the air. When the water vapor pressure in the air is greater than that of wood, wood absorbs moisture from the air, which is moisture absorption. On the contrary, it is desorption. Wood will adjust the moisture in the air through its own breathing. Give you physical fatigue

which one makes you think the host is more stylish, going to a house with solid wood dado or a house with white walls? The answer is obvious

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