There is only one simple choice between you and a

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Shangji whole house customization invites you to see the future together. New forces of whole house customization and new businesses join tal

the vast world

the future has countless shapes

like the vast stars

flash, moving life

because of this endless brilliance

life is more wonderful

and then we continue to explore the future

the future is unknown, So look forward to

but you need to know that the future of success is not out of reach

every choice can create brilliance

you are actually one choice away from the future of success

Shangji wooden door

invite you to see the future

new forces of whole house customization

new businessmen to join tal

fashion Design × Ingenuity quality

determined choice of vision

fashion is the direction & Production capacity is strength

new generation aesthetic design concept

rigorous product production process

introduction of automatic production line

achievement Shangji wooden door strong strength

six support systems help you start quickly

training support

product, sales, design, order placement, installation all-round training support to quickly open the sales market

operation support

sales guidance, publicity materials, software support Marketing activities support copying the successful management experience and profit model of stores

store building support

store building support in all aspects such as site selection, design and decoration support efficient store building, as soon as 30 days

policy support

ten million sample discounts, rebate support, opening support Gift policy

publicity support

national media advertising professional online platform customer drainage

after sales support

build a unified after-sales service hotline for national service outlets

eugenics training system

move forward hand in hand & Win war terminal

cultivate all-round terminal competition

multi-dimensional all-round excellent student training system

cover all sections from the top to the bottom of the franchisee boss

establish all-round terminal competitiveness and team combat effectiveness

help establish the local comprehensive advantages of Shangji brand

[product training] comprehensively understand the characteristics and advantages of Shangji products and establish the market advantage cognition of Shangji products

[boss training] Systematic management and marketing knowledge training improve brand awareness and management skills

[store manager training] management norms, customer maintenance, operation skills create an efficient and professional store team

[design training] product knowledge, software skills, order placing process copy professional design to the terminal

[installation training] from structure to detail, From function to application, good installation can make the design and installation get twice the result with half the effort

join hands with Shangji future

/the strength of whole house customization/

/new businesses across the country have joined in, which is now hot/





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