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Face tiles, commonly known as ceramic tiles, are used for the external walls of buildings and the internal walls of toilets, kitchens, balconies, etc., mainly for waterproofing and decoration

face tiles, commonly known as ceramic tiles, are used for the external walls of buildings and the internal walls of toilets, kitchens, balconies, etc., mainly for waterproofing and decoration. When selecting face tiles, in addition to quality requirements, we should also consider a lot from the perspective of aesthetics

first of all, the appearance should be beautiful.

the most important function of the face brick is its decoration. Therefore, when selecting the face brick, the first thing to consider is that the appearance should be beautiful, and the glaze should be smooth and delicate. The glossy glaze should be glittering and translucent, while the matte glaze should be soft and comfortable

put several face bricks together and look carefully in the light. If the color difference between the face bricks is very small and the hue is basically the same, it indicates that the brand is relatively good; The poor products have large color difference, and the hues between products are different. If there are patterns on the surface of some tiles, the design and color should be exquisite and realistic, without obvious defects such as lack of color, broken lines, dislocation and so on

when selecting the color of the face brick, it must be connected with the place it is used, and it must match the hue of the surrounding decoration. Generally, do not use white or other light colored face bricks for the outer wall, because it will make the building look lack of texture; The bathroom should be dominated by the color of sanitary ware, not only the quality and grade of face tiles, floor tiles, various accessories including hardware and other supporting materials should be consistent with them; It is better to use Beige tiles in the kitchen, because it can give people a healthy feeling; Balcony generally adopts decorative tiles with patterns

skillfully judge the quality

the quality of face bricks can first be directly observed with the naked eye. The general requirement is that the product is straight and flat, so that the product deformation is small, the construction is convenient, and the brick surface is flat and beautiful after paving; Secondly, it can also be measured with caliper. Good products have small specification deviation, neat and uniform after paving, straight brick joints, and good decorative effect. Poor products have large specification deviation and different sizes between products; You can also use the following simple method to judge: use ink to drop behind the face brick. The slower the ink spreads, the smaller the water absorption, the better the internal quality, the better the durability of the product, and vice versa

in addition, the anti-skid property of face bricks is very important. Generally, face bricks with anti-skid function should be selected in places with large water consumption such as toilets and kitchens

tips for ceramic tile users:

I: the outer package indicates the color number, size and unified color number of the variety of bricks should also be checked and used. If color difference and other defects are found, they should be reported in time. After using the same color number, the adjacent color number can be used to achieve the same color

II: before paving, soak the product in clean water for 20 minutes, and then filter out the water before paving

III: identify the product pattern features and lay them in a unified direction

IV: adopt off joint paving, which is a relatively common method in international decoration construction. The gap is generally 3-5mm (except for special decoration). The gap should be cleaned in time, and the caulking work should be carried out after the paving is close to 4 hours

V: keep the brick surface clean during the paving process and after use





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